Window blinds are an important function in the home or office. Not only do they show off style, they protect the sun from blinding you in the peak hours of the day. They also can protect from glare on TV’s or other glass in your room that may reflect the light back into your face. Here at Room Mates Window Coverings, we give you the highest quality selection of blinds from our reputable window treatment company.Custom Shutters

Our custom blinds can fit into all sorts of window types. Wherever you choose to have blinds, our master installer will be able to fit around it. We also supply vertical blinds for those long-styled windows that need full coverage. With years of experience, we are able to accomplish any task that is thrown at us, even the most difficult.

Among our blinds, we offer window shades and curtains, for those who are hoping to use a different style in their home. We even provide skylights for those who would like to still let light in, but keep the heat out.

Whatever style you choose, your home or workplace will instantly improve with the amount of light coming in. For more information on our products and services, contact Room Mates Window Coverings in Lompoc, CA today! From residential to commercial jobs, we've got you covered.

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